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  • katelynfahrenbruck

A Moment in Time

Where to begin on this day that felt like a tiny whirlwind of magic? If you know me, you know Denver, CO is my heart-city. It’s my favorite place for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it feels familiar. (I always say my best vacation destination is somewhere I’ve already been - and I mean that. I’m a tried-and-true kind of gal, no doubt.) So when these two reached out and asked me to photograph their elopement at the Clock Tower right on 16th Street, I was immediately excited. You wouldn’t believe the story these two lovebirds share if I told you, so I’ll just say this - They are absolutely meant to be. They met in a city neither of them lived in, never once lived within hundreds of miles of each other while they were dating, and were separated by even more miles once 2020 started and the world turned on its head. They planned their elopement from afar, in a few weeks. Just the two of them, against the whole world. I asked how long they had officially been engaged while we stood in a tiny room many, many, floors up to sign the marriage license. Maddy laughed and said “yesterday.” Yesterday. But they knew all along this is what they wanted and didn’t let any of the outside world in to impact their moment. Sometimes you just… know. And they did. Unassuming, uncomplicated, and full of joy. Just the way it’s supposed to be, right?



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