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This One For the Dogs

And on this wedding day, no one had any fun or did anything amusing or played any jokes at all.

Just kidding. On every count.

I can’t write a list of funny things without thinking about the old Saturday Night Live character Stefon, who was played by Bill Hader (I think?). “This wedding had *everything*... people dressed like dinosaurs, dogs in flower crowns, grown men in handwritten signs that said ‘assistant flower girl’ and ‘kick me…” (Please read that to yourself in his voice.)

Jen and Zach got married on a sunny and gorgeous September afternoon at the Elizabeth Hotel in Fort Collins, Co. The Elizabeth is a really just over-the-top groovy venue that has a little bit of everything - very urban but also very accessible. Wedding ceremonies are held on the third floor patio and the receptions are in the bar, called the Magic Rat.

First and foremost, there were three dogs at this wedding. If you know me, you know that’s a VERY big deal. I love dogs more than Kanye loves Kanye. How many outdated references can I make before you all leave me?! One pup tried to eat a wine cork and the other found his way through the hotel to the lobby from the third floor terrace (do you think he took the elevator? We don’t know). They added such a fun element.

Everything about this day was FUN. The Maid of Honor, who was the bride’s sister, performed a rap during the ceremony. The couple was joined for their first dance by two dinosaurs. The reception included costumes, including a spicy little Spongebob number you'll see not only on the groom, but on one of the moms too... When I pose wedding parties, especially groomsmen, sometimes I ask them to do something ridiculous and off-the-cuff to get them to react so we get something candid flowing and so they know I'm not all serious. This time, I said "Okay now everybody hold hands and sing Kumbaya like you mean it" ...AND THEY DID WITH NO HESITATION. Just look at the fervor on their faces.

The details, from the dogs’ handmade collars (flowers and a bow tie, naturally), to the dino cake topper, really made every moment special. It was the perfect celebration for two people (who very much liked each other, as you’ll see) to enjoy their loved ones. Oh and don't bother asking what Hall Puddin' means because I was there for the explanation and I still don't get it.

I love photographing in Fort Collins. It’s my hometown and everywhere is familiar to me. It’s such a joy and a privilege to see my small town through fresh eyes as I find new corners to explore. The whole day was such a joy and a privilege to witness!



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