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  • katelynfahrenbruck

When it snows, it blizzards

M + J had their engagement session scheduled for weeks. We had all managed to avoid the entire gamut of winter illnesses and no last minute schedule changes had come up. We were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves, to say the least, that in this day and age we hadn't had to reschedule photos eleven hundred times. And then Colorado. The weather forecast called for snow, snow, and more snow the day of our shoot. So instead of throwing out the plan, we pivoted into somewhere much warmer and more humid, with little to no ice falling from the sky.... Enter Bath Greenhouse, a Fort Collins institution. We are so grateful they were more than accommodating to us and let us use their space for about 40 minutes that Tuesday afternoon. After that we went to downtown and made it about 11 minutes in the cold near the Elizabeth Hotel before we snuck into another little studio space. Spending the afternoon with these two was just a bunch of laughs and I'm lucky we braved the weather together.


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